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Medical Cannabis was legalised in February, but too few have access.

Leaf Supply is removing the stigma around Medical Cannabis with hassle-free online consultations with expert professionals.

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Natural relief for 27+ different health conditions

Utilizing new mobile application technology, researchers at The University of New Mexico found that medical cannabis provides immediate symptom relief across dozens of health symptoms with relatively minimal negative side effects.

The 6,000-year history of medical cannabis

In the early 20th century, use of cannabis fell out of favour in Western culture. However, this recent period is a small speck in cannabiss 6,000-year history, with therapeutic use recorded by hundreds of cultures across thousands of years.

Learn about the history

Medical cannabis has been used to relieve symptoms for thousands of years. If you suffer from any of the below, apply to chat with one of our consultants about a medical cannabis prescription.





Chronic pain

Crohn’s disease

Cystic fibrosis


Hep C


Huntington’s disease



Parkinson's disease



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